Build websites in 6 weeks.

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The Internet is here to stay

Let's learn it together!

If words like "HTML", "div", or "Code" scare you, then Web Camp is for you.


Join Web Camp and in 6 weeks you’ll be on your way to becoming a bona fide web programmer.

No more hiding in your tent. (Or behind Dreamweaver) It's time to learn to read and write code.

Learn to build websites by reading and writing HTML & CSS.

Who Should Attend?

Why Should I learn?

Don't rely on Somebody else for basic web tasks.
Learn to do them yourself.

What will I learn?

Hear that bell ringing?


It's not for dinner...
it's time to learn to code.

6 Week format

Subject to change

Week 1

Week 2

Week 3

Week 4

Week 5

Week 6

Learn to read and write code like the pros.

Common Misconceptions

People often confuse Web Camp with other outdoor camps.


We are not referring to the Canoe Storage Shed when we say "CSS".

We do not use tags for marking bears

Thunder & lightning are not elements we ever refer to.

Meet your instructor

Dave is a professional web developer who loves teaching people how to code. He started coding after he realized that the Internet is here to stay. He attended Starter League and subsequently started Web Camp to help people learn how to communicate through this amazing medium.

It's like learning Spanish

Learning to code is similar to learning a foreign language. Speed your education with a personal guide.

Past Students

Dave's teaching style is from a non-technical perspective. As a result, coding becomes really accessible really fast.".

- Andy

I used to think that learning HTML was beyond my realm of understanding. After only a few hours with Dave, my misconceptions started to fall to the wayside as a sense of clarity and empowerment emerged.

- Hayes

There's more opportunity in Internetland than there is in America.

What do I need to start?


Desire, commitment, and a laptop.

(No hatchets required.)

Class Format

Two Class Schedules (Pick one)

Enroll for $840

First class: Tuesday, September 17 at 6pm.

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Learn to read and write html & css!

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Where is Web Camp?


Web Camp is located in Boulder, Colorado.


Though we are not an outdoor camp, we can appreciate that HTML happens to also represent the four key elements to wilderness survival.
(Hatchet, Tent, Matches, Logs)

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